Project Profile

Upgradation/ Revamping of Pakistan Post Logistics Business
Project Information
Postal Services
Implementing Agency:
Pakistan Post, Government of Pakistan
Islamabad (the jurisdiction of the Project spreads over entire country), Pakistan
Estimated Project Cost
Under preparation (Commercial Feasibility Study is underway)
Pakistan Post enjoys its un-matching outreach to the major urban centers and far-flung areas of the country. Pakistan Post’s first & last mile delivery services gives it a competitive edge over its competitors, but however, due to lack of financial resources and dearth of innovation Pakistan Post is struggling to maintain/ capitalize its competitive edge and as a result losing its market share at a very fast pace;

Therefore, Pakistan Post, in order to retain its fair share in the market competition (through bringing-in use of innovative, efficient and cost-effective technologies/ delivery methods) is seeking private sector participation to finance revamping/ re-engineering of operations to maximize return on legacy assets.

The Project is expected to be implemented through private sector participation whereby the private sector will be invited to assume upgradation/ revamping of certain class of the assets and operate them in joint-venture with Pakistan Post or on revenue sharing model basis;

The private sector will be given responsibility to assume management/ operational control of the assets to maximize cashflows while Pakistan Post will ensure the service delivery envisaged under the potential arrangements is in tandem with its mandate.
Salient Features
Implementation Modality Private sector participation

Government Contributions
  • To be determined in the Commercial Feasibility Study
Government Return
  • Guaranteed revenue share (will be determined once the transaction structure is finalized)
  • Corporate taxes (will be determined once the transaction structure is finalized)
  • Project assets, at no cost, at the end of concession period.
Government Return
  • To be determined in the Commercial Feasibility Study
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