The Justice Reform Project

Reimagining Justice in the 21st Century
Restoring Confidence of the People in Justice Delivery

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Executive Summary

Justice is the ideal that a rule of law system aims to pursue and realize. The quality and nature of laws determines the rules in accordance with which courts dispense justice. Good laws help pursue the ideal of justice; the governance system run by the Executive determines the quality of rule of law in the polity and the number of citizens aggrieved by the state; while a functional court system is meant to hold the state accountable for discharging its obligations to the citizen as required by the Constitution.

All three pillars of the state – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – have much room for improving the role they perform within the rule of law system designed to deliver justice. It is for each institution to introspect and hold itself accountable for where it is failing the citizen. The Islamabad High Court seeks to hold itself accountable and fix aspects of the court system in the Federal Capital to the extent that it fails to realize the ideal of justice delivery.

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