Q.1) What is PPPA, and what does it do?
Ans: Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA or the Authority) is established pursuant to PPPA Act, 2017 under which a regulatory framework to execute Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Pakistan was required to promote domestic and foreign private sector investment in infrastructure to increase availability of public infrastructure, reduce transaction costs, ensure appropriate regulatory controls and boost GDP growth with economic and social infrastructure development.
PPPA has a mandate to facilitate federal implementing agencies in developing, procuring and implementing their infrastructure projects on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis. The Authority acts a gate-keeper for federal PPP transactions and board of the Authority has the power to regulate and approve PPP projects if they provide value for money solution to the Government while offering an adequate rate of return to the private investor.
The Authority will be dealing with the federal PPP transactions in the following sectors: (i) Transport and logistics including roads, bridges, rail, seaports, airports, fishing harbors slaughterhouses and cold storage. (ii) Mass Urban Public Transport including buses, and intra and intercity rail. (iii) Municipal Services including water supply and sanitation; solid waste management; low-cost housing, and health / education facilities.

Q.2) Who owns PPPA?
Ans: PPPA is a Federal Government authority wholly owned by the Government of Pakistan.

Q.3) Who runs PPPA? What are the Boards of Directors, and how are they selected?
Ans: PPPA seeks general directions and superintendence from the Board of the Authority and all the affairs of the Authority are vested in its Board while Chief Executive Officer of the Authority is answerable to the Board for all of its administrative, technical and financial matters. The Board of the Authority comprises of the following members:

1. Minister of Planning, Development & Reforms   Chairperson

2. Depty Chairman, PC   Vice Chairperson

3. Secretary, Planning, Development & Reforms Division   Member

4. Secretary, Finance   Member

5. Two members from private sector nominated by Fed. Govt.   Member

6. Chief Executive Officer   Member/Secretary to Board

Federal Government appoints two members from the private sector for a period of three years on such terms and conditions as the Federal Government may prescribe. Among other things, the Board has mandate to approve PPP projects feasibility studies, proposals and concession agreements; monitor their implementation and establish Viability Gap Fund & Risk Management Unit.

Q.4) How can I contact PPPA staff?
Ans: For queries or information please visit the PPPA's website www.p3a.gov.pk. For telephonic assistance Please contact the following telephone numbers:
Tel : 00 92 51 - 9211983-85
The address of PPPA is as follows:
P3A, 501, 5th Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, Agha Khan Road,F-5/1 Islamabad Pakistan

Q.5) Where does PPPA get its money?
Ans: PPPA or the Authority’s Fund is in place from which the PPPA meets all its operating costs and other administrative expenses. PPPA generates income from the following sources: 1. Federal Government annual allocations and grants from time to time 2. Grants from donor agencies/multi-lateral partners 3. Income from deposits and investments 4. Fees, and 5. Sources approved by the Federal Government